About Me

My name is Ben Bernard; I’ve been an ASE certified Master automotive technician for over a decade. I retired from Carmax in 2010 as a Master Tech.  Now I’ve decided to go into the automotive repair business for myself.

My mission is simple: Repair your vehicle the most cost effect way, no matter if your a woman or man. There’s no reason to dread having your car repaired at AUTOMOTIV8ED! 

Typically, shops have employees that are paid by the hour, have minimal experience, and have absolutely no connection with their customers; a pay check is all they care about.  They also have the stereo type to take advantage of not only woman, but people who have little knowledge about vehicles, sad but very true… AutoMotiv8ed is much different!  You’re dealing straight with the owner and operator, myself.   I take pride in my work because it is imperative that my customers are satisfied each and every time.  My business thrives on repeat customers and referrals.  My honest efforts are endless, and your trust in me as your personal mechanic is the most important aspect of my career.  I keep my costs low, much lower than other shops and dealerships so that I can keep my customers happy.  Every referral is a compliment and greatly appreciated!  Let me know if there’s anything else I can do to make your car repair journey a great experience.  Thanks for your support!

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